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Welcome to the new Ground & Sky!

Ground & Sky is a music review resource featuring the honest opinions of 15 knowledgeable music fans. The site was founded in November 1999 as a resource for fans of progressive rock, but has since expanded into more diverse forms of experimental music. Check here for more background info on the site. You can access all sections of the site using this page or the menu bar above, which is present on all pages of the site. You can also access the alphabetized review archive by way of the dark blue menu bar which appears below the main bar. Further, you can set a few different personal viewing preferences that will affect how the site displays itself to you.

Wilco in Baltimore, MD, December 14, 2008

WilcoWe'll be using this space to link to Brandon Wu's latest concert photography sets at Flickr. Most recent are these photos from indie-rock superstars Wilco, playing at the Lyric Opera House in downtown Baltimore during a night off from opening for Neil Young. Click here for the full photo set, or see Brandon's brief review of the show at the Washington City Paper (offsite).


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31 March 2009
      Complete overhaul of Brandon's blog
      New review: Giles/Muir/Cunningham - Ghost Dance
      New review: Schulze, Klaus - Royal Festival Hall Volume 1
      New review: Wakeman, Rick & Adam Wakeman - Wakeman With Wakeman

25 October 2008
      New review: Extra Life - Secular Works
      New review: Trinacria - Travel Now Journey Infinitely

23 September 2008
      Shadow review: Dismemberment Plan, The - Emergency & I
      Shadow review: Dismemberment Plan, The - Change
      New review: Estate di san Martino, L' - Febo
      New review: Salome - Salome

9 September 2008
      New review: Mute Socialite - More Popular Than Presidents and Generals
      New review: Tangent, The - Not as Good as the Book
      New review: Thing with Thurston Moore, The - Live at ya

16 July 2008
      Concert review: Vialka

10 July 2008
      Concert review: Boris, Torche and Clouds
      New review: Wrnlrd - Oneiromantical War

7 July 2008
      New review: Matraz - Gritaré
      New review: OffOnOff - Clash
      Shadow review: Yes - Open Your Eyes

3 July 2008
      New review: Budd, Harold - The Room
      New review: Cale, John - 5 Tracks
      Shadow review: Newsom, Joanna - Ys

23 June 2008
      Concert review: Zs, Corima and more
      New review: Harmonium - Si On avait Besoin d'une Cinquième Saison
      New review: Make a Rising - Infinite Ellipse and Head with Open Fontanel

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