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Wise man Sean McFee

Saturday, April 8th, 2000

Sean had a few great moments on early this morning:

“I have enough trouble not being a jerk without being given a reason.”

“> I don’t hear anyone saying Bach’s old.
Well after a certain point he stopped getting older :).

“> but don’t tell me it’s not original because none of it is.
Originality is a continuum, not a boolean.

A smattering of half-formed thoughts

Friday, April 7th, 2000

Talked about fusion in jazz class today. Predictable listening: Miles Davis, Weather Report, Return to Forever, Herbie Hancock. I was a little surprised at the choice of Keith Jarrett (and one of his solo piano pieces, fergodsakes - great piece, but hardly fusion) over Mahavishnu Orchestra. Oh well.

King Crimson’s new one, The ConstruKction of Light, comes out the day of my last final exam. That will be one hell of a celebratory day. I should throw a party and blast that album. Oh wait… maybe not.

Tito Puente gave a 2-hour concert here in Yale’s absolutely awful concert hall, Woolsey Hall. Woolsey is a gorgeous place but the acoustics are the pits. Tons of reverb, everything sounds muffled. Ugh. Pretty impressive performance. The lines that the flautist (piccoloist?) played reminded me of Didier Lockwood’s violin lines in Magma’s Live - high and long; and he liked to play one really high note over and over again. Puente himself was a bit underwhelming as a percussionist, and though his bassist was sporting a pretty fresh upright electric instrument, he didn’t do much with it. Aside from these negative points, the brass section was great, the pianist was good (even though he wasn’t miked loudly enough and the amplification made the piano sound thin and tinny), and the guy on congas was pretty good. Puente has 119 albums out, is some 77 years old, and is going into the studio again this month. That’s insane.

Freedom and reason shine through
Paddle upon the clouds one’s own canoe
Cynic, “How Could I”