Wrnlrd: how’d I miss this one??

Okay, I just found a freakin’ amazing 2008 release that I missed in my lists below. The Washington City Paper of all things alerted me to a new release by Virginia-based Wrnlrd, called Oneiromantical War. Wrnlrd apparently has six albums out and a recent interview at Pitchfork, but I’d never heard of them (him) until reading the review in the City Paper. I went and downloaded Oneiromantical War from eMusic and am now completely obsessed, to the point that I almost immediately went and ordered the band’s three most recent albums preceding this one from their website. This stuff is atmospheric black metal, with vocals infrequent and almost completely buried in the mix underneath gritty buzzsaw guitars. The 20-minute “War” is an epic of fantastic proportions, all claustrophobic and evil and soul-crushing and shit.

So if you need your soul crushed, hop over to eMusic and check this mutha out.


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