Gorguts’ Obscura continues to melt my face

And speaking of albums that are long-lasting classics, I’m currently turning my brain to mush by listening to GorgutsObscura. I’m continually amazed by two things about this album: one, that it still sounds so fresh to me after years of listening; and two, that it seems like no metal album released ever since has come close to matching it in terms of the combination of absolute brutality and sheer complexity. And this thing came out almost ten years ago. Sure there are some fiendishly complex tech-death and grindcore bands out there, but I don’t think any of them compare to Gorguts in brutality, and my uneducated ear also wants to believe for some reason that Obscura is more complex — maybe not rhythmically, but harmonically and compositionally.

This review at Rate Your Music is pretty amusing and describes the extreme-ness of the album pretty well. I think it’s by the same “asmox” as inhabits ProgArchives.

ADDENDUM: Also, I think the following image is funny.

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