2007: it’s been great

Regular readers of my ramblings here (I wonder how many of you are out there) know that I don’t do end-of-year lists, at least not until a year after the fact. It takes me about that much time to catch up on a lot of the best stuff that gets released during the year. However, there are unavoidable “best of 2007″ threads starting up on message boards and I can’t help but participate in them.

My early conclusion so far is that 2007 has been a pretty freakin special year. In terms of the past nine or ten years (the period in which I’ve been paying close attention to new music), 2004 has been the “year to beat,” with a ton of albums that are lasting favorites. Last year I was only really psyched about one album (if you didn’t already know it’s Ys then you don’t read my musings very often); this year that number is closer to seven or eight. Time will tell if this is just a knee-jerk, latest-is-greatest kind of thing — which is precisely why I wait a full year to do an actual list. But my first impression is very good indeed.

With all that said, my best of 2006 list will be coming sometime next week. Bet you can guess what album will be #1…

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