Still alive…

Holy shit, very very sorry for the complete lack of activity here at Ground & Sky for the past few weeks. A dip in my interest in music listening, combined with a total lack of interesting live music here in DC, combined with a pause in contributions from other G&S reviewers all conspired to bring the site to a screeching halt. I am beginning to get psyched about a bunch of new music (not least the new Sleepytime Gorilla Museum album), so hopefully we can break out of the slump.

In the past, summers have been rough times for updating the website because I have tended to be so busy in the summer. We broke the trend in 2005 and 2006, and hopefully will continue along the same path this year. I have an extremely full summer ahead of me this year, but I’m going to try very hard to keep Ground & Sky updated with fresh material as often as possible!

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