My “automatic buy” list

I am a voracious enough consumer of music that I don’t even want to try to list the bands and musicians who are on my “automatic buy” list. There are any number of groups out there whose new albums I’ll buy sight unseen (or, rather, sound unheard) within days of their release. For me, it’s much more interesting to look at who has fallen off of my automatic buy list over the past few years. The latest casualty is Anekdoten. This was one of the first bands that introduced me to modern progressive rock, as I fell in love almost instantly with the powerful but controlled aggression of Vemod. But their last studio album, Gravity, bored me to tears, and now that they at last have a new album out, I find myself fairly indifferent, especially after hearing still more middling reviews from others. It’s my nature that I still have an irrational urge to send $17 over to Steve at Wayside to get a copy of A Time of Day, but there are definitely things I want much more.

Like, you know, the recent and forthcoming new releases by the bands that are still on my automatic buy list — like Satoko Fujii, Amarok, Wilco, Pelican, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum… sigh…

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