Most boring live show?

Over at I Love Music, there’s a thread going on called “Most boring live show ever?” I’ve been to a lot of shows recently, but it’s interesting how I can only really think of a couple that I would consider “boring.” Bad, painful, embarrassing? Sure. Boring? That’s a little more rare. Only two shows come to mind: Eluvium, a kind of ambient post-everything solo affair that I suffered through a couple years ago; and Tord Gustavsen, whom I actually enjoyed, but all his stuff was so downtempo, samey, and ECM-ish that I actually fell asleep in my seat for a few minutes.

At various post-rock shows I have been bored at times — this includes Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Sigur Rós, Slint, Explosions in the Sky — but never for too long. With that kind of music it almost seems like part of the expectation, although maybe that says something about the genre.

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