D-Plan reunion: I GOT TICKETS!

What happens when the DC band with the most rabid fan base (both local and national) since Fugazi reunites, four years after its breakup, for a single benefit concert at a club with a capacity of maybe 500-600 people? Why, it sells out in 30 seconds, of course. Such was the case for The Dismemberment Plan, who are playing a one-off reunion in late April for which tickets went on sale yesterday at 5pm. I was one of those rabid fans sitting at work hitting the refresh button on two computers every 30 seconds so that I could have a shot at getting tickets. As it happened, I lucked out and managed to get four. I saw these guys four times between 2001 and 2003 (in four different cities no less), but this is going to be a uniquely awesome experience. In celebration I’ll be reviewing their two most acclaimed albums, Emergency & I and Change, on this site. They may actually be of interest to some of the more open-minded prog fans. Josh Kortbein is the one who turned me on to them, sometime in 1999 or so, sending me a random e-mail that basically just said, “Check these guys out — I don’t know why, but I think you’ll like them.” He was right. Thanks, Josh.

I saw their final farewell show in 2003, and while it wasn’t their best, it was one hell of an experience.

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