Gibberish rearticulated as gibberish

You gotta love the Internet sometimes, for providing a medium for people to write bloated, rambling, aimless 2000-word “review” essays that include sentences like this:

The pig Latin-ish morphemes “-sa,” “-si,” and “-sa” encode Jung’s technical term to child-code foolery; Norwegian geek-squad the Shining use the reference (I think) not because of the psychoanalytic implications of men unable to access their feminine sides, but because the structural modification of this theoretically loaded term into meaningless, magical words encapsulates the way the band views music: importance disguised with inanity, erudition breathed through giggling lips, lucidity rearticulated as gibberish.

And that’s just in the first paragraph (and yes, I read the whole damn thing). If you couldn’t tell (what’s wrong with you?), this review is about Shining’s new one, Grindstone, which is pretty cool if just as disjointed as its predecessor. I might be reviewing it at some point in the near future, but I don’t think it’s quite good enough to inspire me to write 2000 words.


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