DC sells out (lots of shows)

The Washington, DC live music scene continues to surprise me. Last year, weird-ish shows like Animal Collective and Joanna Newsom sold out easily; Massive Attack sold out two consecutive shows at $40 apiece. This year, the madness has begun early, as The Decemberists instantly sold out a show at a $40 ticket price (nearly double what they asked for when they played here just a few months ago!), and the line to get tickets for a free Sufjan Stevens at the Kennedy Center numbered in the thousands.

I was in that line for free tickets — they were to be given out at 9am last Saturday, and I got there with a few friends at about 7:45am. When I saw the line of tents alongside the building, I knew we were in trouble. By our estimates, there were somewhere in the range of 1200-1500 people in front of us, with at least another 500 behind us by the time we realized it was hopeless and left just before 9am. Wow.


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