My 2006 mixtape

Something I did this year that I hope to do at the end of every year was make a mix CD of songs from some of my favorite albums from 2006, and give this mix to a variety of friends. The CD encompasses a range of genres, although I mostly stayed away from the most inaccessible free-improv and metal stuff (I like keeping my friends). Amazingly, at least one person has told me that they like everything on the CD.

This was an amazingly difficult mix to make, as I already have tons of music from 2006 that I really like. Had to make some pretty tough decisions about what to put on this thing, especially as I was trying to touch on a lot of different facets of music that I like. In the end, the CD clocks in at nearly 80 minutes, and I excerpted three songs in order to fit everything on there. I made some fancy liner notes and a nice traycard as well. The traycard image is below, with the final tracklist:


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