Arguing about lists is stupid

Piero Scaruffi’s The Best Jazz Albums of all Times (sic) list is making a bit of a stir over at head-fi. Of course any list with a title like that is going to garner consternation and spite from the masses on the Internets. Scaruffi’s list is particularly provocative since he’s a big fan of the freer stuff; though as such, I find the list kind of helpful, at least in terms of alerting me to good stuff I should investigate. That’s all personal lists are really good for anyway, but somehow they seem to have this unique ability to deeply offend people who post on message boards.

Maybe I can start a full-scale war on some hapless prog forum (I’m looking at you, ProgArchives):

The Scientifically Determined Best Prog Albums of All Time

  1. Genesis - Foxtrot
  2. ELP - Brain Salad Surgery
  3. Änglagård - Epilog
  4. King Crimson - Red
  5. Starcastle - Starcastle
  6. Yes - Union
  7. The Pussycat Dolls - PCD
  8. Yes - Close to the Edge
  9. Jordan Rudess - Feeding the Wheel
  10. Pat Boone - In a Metal Mood

Note: A complex mathematical formula has been used to construct this completely objective list in descending order of best-ness. Please do not attempt to argue with this list as it represents concrete fact. The universe does not care about your mere opinion.

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