PopMatters gets all confused and shit

There’s a very strange review posted today at PopMatters, of The Jeff Gauthier Goatette’s One and the Same, in which the reviewer basically pans the album because he doesn’t know how to categorize it. At least, that’s the way it comes off. I suppose his message is kind of that his review, in its utter incoherency, is analogous to how he perceives the album — which on the one hand is a neat trick but on the other hand is a total cop-out and a convenient way to avoid having to actually think and write a real review that’s useful to anyone.

I suspect Cryptogramophone recordings often get this treatment from listeners — their stuff is generally not easily pigeonholed as jazz, nor is it rock, nor is it classical; so it seems likely that people will be befuddled by it and, if forced to write about it, will find it easiest to disparage the music instead of anything else. I don’t want to make the infamous “if you don’t like it you must not understand it” argument (because that pisses me off as much as it does the next guy), but really, this seems like journalistic laziness to me. Shame on PopMatters, which usually avoids this kind of thing.

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