Three great shows I failed to see

This has been a week of missed shows: The Decemberists, Kayo Dot, and Vialka all played in DC between Monday and yesterday, and I missed them all. I was especially disappointed to miss Vialka, a French avant-folk duo that recently did a split CD with Kruzenshtern & Parohod that I hope to review in the near future. The Decemberists show was broadcast, in typically excellent quality, by NPR’s All Songs Considered, and is worth a listen just for the live performance of “I Was Meant For the Stage” that ends with an instrumental freakout that is oh-so-rare from these guys. Oh, and the new songs from The Crane Wife sound great. One of my friends went to the Sunday show (the NPR broadcast is from their Monday show) and said that the fans there were going crazy for “The Island,” the uber-proggy cut from the new album. “How many of these fans have ever even heard of King Crimson?” he wondered.

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