Outer Music Diary is now a blog

I mentioned in passing, a few entries ago, Mike McLatchey’s Outer Music Diary, a Yahoo! group in which Mike and other contributors post short blurbs about everything they’ve been listening to lately. I am happy to spread the word that Mike’s project is no longer private, and is now hosted in blog form on the same server as Mike Borella’s excellent Avant Music News. I urge anyone interested in the types of music covered by this site to go check Outer Music Diary — it represents a great new approach to music “reviewing,” emphasizing the reality of the experience of listening rather than treating music writing as the more objective exercise that traditional reviews represent.

The best thing about this move (aside from OMD becoming publicly accessible) is that it’s now available through an RSS feed, something that the horribly counterintuitive Yahoo! Groups interface is probably years away from developing.


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