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Some responses to comments on earlier posts:

First, regarding this project I’m doing, writing a few paragraphs about every single album I own. This is coming along, but slowly. (It’s hampered by the fact that last month I got far too many new CDs. I am toning it down in the next couple months for logistical and financial reasons, so this problem should recede a bit…) I’ll be happy to post a PDF of an unfinished version, once I have a bit more written. As for actually using some of the blurbs for reviews, I’m a little hesitant to do so, but if there are any that I’m really happy with, I’ll consider it. The thing about reviews — and this goes back to the whole philosophical reflection I had earlier about the role of reviews in general and G&S specifically — is that they’re pretty definitive. At least, that’s how they’re interpreted. So I like to be a little more considered when writing a review that ends up being (theoretically at least) a reference for a lot of people. Still, a good idea Sean, and if it gets you to write some reviews, it’s probably worth it :)

Thanks Mike for the Animal Collective recommendation. I downloaded it from eMusic (which I have started using to try out albums and bands that I’m not sure I’ll like) and find it interesting, if not yet actually captivating. Still, I feel like it’s a grower. On the live-music train of thought, I’ve convinced three or four friends to come with me to see Charming Hostess next month — it’s amazing how easy it is to get people interested just by repeating their “Jewish/Balkan nerdy-sexy-commie-girlie” self-description. Well, at least among my group of friends. Also, it helps that they’re performing in an über-hip, locally-owned coffee shop/performance space, Busboys & Poets.

And, looks like Pelican and Mono have announced some spring tour dates, and they’re coming to DC in May. That’ll be a nice followup to the Isis show a week or so earlier.

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