AllAboutJazz talks to Tim Berne

All About Jazz has a nice, and very lengthy, interview with Tim Berne that hasn’t seemed to get much attention. He talks extensively about his recent projects (all of them — Paraphrase, Big Satan, Hard Cell, Science Friction), lavishes praise on drummer Tom Rainey, and offers some fascinating nuggets about his compositions and his groups’ free improvisations. For instance:

I’m really playing thematically; even if it’s super-abstract, I’m always remembering what we did and where we’re going, and kind of relating whatever ideas of composition and drama and tension and release that I do in writing. The thing is, you’ve got two other people in the conversation, so that’s what makes it interesting—how everyone else interprets your decisions. And you’re making those decisions really quickly. So it’s great when everybody’s kind of ignoring each other in a very convincing way.

Ha- sometimes his interviews are as knotty and difficult to decipher as his compositions.

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