Writing something about everything

A quick follow-up to my January 6th post regarding the digression of Ground & Sky from some of its original aims. I have started undertaking what is probably an absurdly ambitious project (though it’s considerably less ambitious than Ground & Sky was when it started) — I’m creating a document in which I write a paragraph about every single album I own. Not necessarily a “review” per se, just anything interesting I can think of about each album. I have the framework put together and even with just a small percentage of the blurbs written, it’s already over 100 pages long. I expect the final thing will be 300-400 pages of crap no one except me will ever want to read.

Understanding why the hell I would embark on such an apparent waste of time requires going back to the first reason I cited in my January 6th post regarding why I decided to start Ground & Sky. That is: writing about an album forces me to understand that album, at least in theory. Since I’ve been reviewing on Ground & Sky far too selectively for the past five years or so for that to work, I decided to open another outlet for my music writing, one that would allow me to write just a quick blurb without having to research a full review. Thus, this project. I don’t know what I’ll do with it when I’m “done” (though I guess it’ll never be done, so long as I keep buying new CDs). Probably post it somewhere onsite, I guess, though who would actually be interested is up for grabs. But then, that’s not the point; it’s a purely introspective exercise.

Of course, I expect that Ground & Sky will benefit in that I’ll have more reviews to write as I become more familiar with the albums in my collection. We’ll see. Should be an interesting experiment, anyway.

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