I joined eMusic

Yesterday I signed up for eMusic.com after posting the below entry, to get my 50 free downloads. Sure enough, it’s on a purely track-by-track basis, so I downloaded the entirety of FantômasDelìrium Cordìa, all 74 minutes and one track of it, and still had 49 tracks left to download. Hmm.

I also discovered that while Tzadik has nearly 400 albums up on eMusic, it’s equally if not more exciting to find that both ReR and Atavistic have some 125 albums each up there as well. This is alongside plenty of indie labels, jazz labels, metal labels, and so on — eMusic is strong in all those areas, weaker in classic 70s music, mainstream prog, and, actually, contemporary mainstream rock and pop.

I also may have to rethink what I posted yesterday about exclusively using eMusic as a kind of scouting service. It does seem a little silly to pass up on what is essentially an enormous amount of incredibly cheap music. Still, I’m not quite sure what my approach will be. Most of the things I really like I’ll probably still buy on CD, but for other things I might just settle for the MP3s.


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