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“He does not give nor ‘to beat right head’”

The prog review watch (I read a lot of music review sites, both prog and mainstream, and there are always some interesting articles to be found):

First and foremost, the latest review of FantomasSuspended Animation at Progarchives is hilarious. So hilarious I’m going to paste it, verbatim, into my blog. I think this is clearly a product of some crappy free Internet translation program. Here:

CD completely bizarre, very wild, nothing has linking with nothing, is a very crazy chunk, of pra not to practically understand nothing, few melodies and much doidêra. Good record only pra who wants to “zuar”, but if you want to tan a good music, nor try to hear. He does not give nor “to beat right head”. He only listens to kill the curiosity, is wild, crazy, maluco, it are of control. Patton, only sings there for 10ª band, and exactly thus, they are one 30 seconds only. This obtains to surpass Hendrix and Frank Zappa in madness even though! Completely insane!

The great thing about Progarchives is that, like the of old, the reviews appear to be completely unmoderated and thus offer up a great dose of humor on a regular basis. Now if only we could dig up good ol’ Dennis A. to start contributing. But I digress: here are some recent reviews of proggish albums on mainstream websites:

  • Review of Bob Drake’s latest, The Shunned Country, at Stylus. I usually hate these kind of gimmick reviews, but this one is kind of funny.
  • Review of Orthrelm’s forthcoming OV at Dusted. On the avant-progressive list, former G&S reviewer Dominique Leone says this, a single brutal 45-minute track, is killer. I need to hear it.
  • Review of Jaga Jazzist’s What We Must at Almost Cool, one of my favorite personal review sites out there.
  • An older, scathingly obnoxious review of Happy the Man’s The Muse Awakens at Popmatters. This review typifies the mainstream view of prog, I guess. Although I do really like the phrase “analog synthesizers that seem to be permanently set on Silly.”
  • Feature article about The Vandermark 5’s 12-CD live set Alchemia at Dusted. This is a real nice piece.
  • Feature article about V∞redoms, the band that arose from the ashes of Japan’s Boredoms, at Pitchfork. Not surprisingly, Dominique is the author, and it’s a good article.

There are a lot more that I’m forgetting, but those are just a few that caught my eye in the past few weeks. On the non-Internet front, the latest issue of The Wire has some interesting stuff, including a review of ZsKarate Bump and a capsule review of the (relatively) new album by former Progweed reviewer (and frequent r.m.p. contributor) Alex Temple. Check out Alex’s website for more info on this. The free sampler CD that comes with this issue of The Wire also includes a track from John Surman’s Way Back When, recently released on Cuneiform, and a track that features the vocals of none other than Clodagh Simonds, known to prog fans as one of the voices of Mellow Candle!

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