Upcoming DC-area concerts

Speaking of live music, after a long winter drought, there are suddenly a lot of DC-area shows I’m interested in going to in the near future:

  • March 1 - Rachel’s at the Black Cat
  • March 20 - Ozric Tentacles at the State Theatre (Falls Church, VA)
  • March 22 - Slint at the 9:30 Club
  • April 20 - The Fucking Champs at the Black Cat
  • May 6 - Autechre at the Black Cat
  • May 6 - The Decemberists at the 9:30 Club

The Autechre/Decemberists conflict is really unfortunate. I would be fascinated to see Autechre live - I imagine it’s just a couple guys sitting in front of their laptops, but the idea piques my interest. However, I’ll definitely be going to see The Decemberists instead, as those guys have become one of my favorite indie-rock bands in recent memory. Too bad.

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