Nels Cline in Guitar Player

Somehow Nels Cline - avant-jazz guitarist and relatively new member of Wilco - has found himself on the cover of an upcoming issue of Guitar Player, and the feature article is an interview with him by none other than Barry Cleveland. The interview’s been posted online, and it’s a good one. There’s a little bit of talk about Cline’s The Giant Pin, with his amusingly misnamed trio The Nels Cline Singers; this is a fantastic album that really straddles the rock/jazz line more effectively than a lot of the stuff I’ve heard lately (and I’ve heard a lot of stuff lately that tries exactly that).

Most interesting in this interview is when Cleveland asks what Cline would like the next Wilco album to sound like:

My take would be based on something Jeff has already suggested—which is a lot of beautifully wrought, interlaced guitar work where we’re highly involved with each other’s parts, and yet there’s still plenty of room for the keyboards. I’m completely into the overtones created by stringed instruments being played together, because, inherently, they’re going to be a little out of tune, and I think that microtonality is part of the glory of a rock band. To plumb that concept further—possibly with some extreme use of effects for balance—would make for an inspiring-sounding record.

That sounds pretty awesome to me. I’m going to see these guys in concert on February 24th here in DC - I’m incredibly excited. I’ll be sure to report.

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