Now kicking my ass: Dissection

Some albums just sneak up on you. You hear them the first couple times and they make no impression whatsoever, and you file it away in favor of something else new that’s more of an attention-grabber. Months or even years later you come back to it on a whim and it kicks your ass.

This is currently happening to me with Dissection’s Storm of the Light’s Bane. I bought it a year or so ago when I was really getting into death/black metal, and somehow it just didn’t grab me. This happens with a lot of death metal albums for me - the aesthetic is such that it tends to all blend together for me unless I’m familiar with it or listening closely. As I result I have a bunch of death/black metal albums that I think I like, but I don’t really know very well.

Storm of the Light’s Bane was one of those until about an hour ago. I’d planned on going to bed, but my MP3 software decided to start playing it, and it hooked me. Now I’m wide awake and resisting the urge to headbang despite a rather persistent headache. Damn you, Dissection.


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