Ultimate prog & farewell to the D-Plan

Two of my favorite pastimes - progressive rock and Ultimate Frisbee - finally combined into one: the New York Ultimate promotional video (Quicktime 5+ required) features King Crimson’s “Thela Hun Ginjeet” as its soundtrack. Pretty cool. Unforunately the video itself doesn’t feature all that much exciting footage, Ultimate-wise, but for anyone who’s never seen the sport it might be pretty interesting anyway.

Also: I was lucky enough to see the Dismemberment Plan’s final show, at the 9:30 Club here in DC. The critics and the fans are raving, but frankly I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I’ve seen the Plan live several times - four or five, I think - but this was the first time I’d ever seen them in their hometown of DC. Clearly all the people there were longtime, hardcore fans. There was a lot of back and forth banter between the crowd and the band that was fun, and the band had a ton of energy and clearly was having a great time. Unfortunately, the sound was fucking horrible - loose, muddy bass that completely swamped everything else, most noticeably the guitar and the vocals, which were completely inaudible from the all of the three different places on the floor that I tried standing. I expect that had I been able to hear anything but the drums (I could hear bass, but not the bass playing - it was all too muddy), I might have enjoyed the show a lot. Too bad.

I guess to a certain extent the music was only part of the point of the show, anyway. Which, in this case, is fine.

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