Avril Lavigne: annoying, but not that annoying

AND, one more thing: a couple people named Avril Lavigne as their most annoying music ever, specifically “Sk8er Boi”. Greg Northrup points out that Avril’s image is entirely fake and manufactured and deceptive (as opposed to other teen-poppers, whose images are fake and manufactured, but don’t pretend not to be). This is true, and extremely disingenuous, not to mention incredibly crass given the way she’s been marketed. The music industry at its worst.

All that said, and it pains me to say this, I actually like her album, Let Go. Yeah, “Sk8er Boi” is an absolute travesty and any radio station that continues to play it should be shut down by the FCC. But some of the other songs I actually enjoy. They’re fairly well-constructed and catchy (well, of course they’re catchy), yet have some bite to them. And Lavigne’s voice has this innocent quality sometimes that’s kind of endearing. Sure, the lyrics are pretty embarrassing in places. I wonder who wrote them: if not written by Avril herself, did some schmuck try to write crappy lyrics on purpose so that they would look like the work of a 17-year-old? Hehe… a good question.


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