I’d have dinner with John Coltrane

The site’s been a little spotty in terms of updates lately, because I’ve been absurdly busy with the end of my senior year. Last week I turned in my senior thesis, so I’ve got a bit more time now, but things are still pretty damn crazy.

So since my last power I’ve basically been listening exclusively to fusion, free jazz, and still more metal. In terms of jazz, I’ve been spinning lots more Miles, some late Coltrane (Live in Seattle is pure genius - crazy, wild, intense, bracing, astounding), Satoko Fujii, the Vandermark 5 (Steve from Cuneiform has always raved about these guys, but with their recent release Airports for Light he’s been hyping them up even more recently). As for metal, I just got in a big order from The End, a great retailer with really low prices, that included stuff like Green Carnation, Dan Swanö, Opeth, Morbid Angel, etc. Good stuff, all of it.

You know that stupid interview question, if you could have dinner with any one person, living or dead, who would it be? I always hated that question, and never had a good answer. There’s no one person in history or in my life that stands out so much from everyone else that he or she would be an obvious choice. So whenever I’m asked that question I’ve always just sort of picked a random historical figure that I think is interesting, but I’ve never been very invested in my answer. I think I have an answer now that I can give consistently: John Coltrane. What a fascinating, amazing, tragic figure. I don’t even know much about him - tops on my summer reading list is a biography such as Ascension - but what little I do know just enhances his mystique for me. Plus, he’s from North Carolina. :)


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