Listening to the words

Seeing as how I’ve been listening to prog rock as a genre for some five or six years now, and bands like Pink Floyd and King Crimson for many more, I definitely tend to consider my musical “background” (as a listener) to be grounded in prog idioms. As a result, I think I definitely tend to give short shrift to lyrics in the music I listen to, focusing mostly on the instrumental side of things. (The obvious exception is hip-hop, where generally I have to be interested in the lyrics in order to be interested in the music.)

With that in mind, I’m going to start trying to pay more attention to lyrics, and to help myself with this little project I think I might occasionally post and comment on some lyrics that mean something to me, or that at least pique my interest for some reason. To start -

feeling so strong
i feel so inspired
like a man with all the words
i could move the world
if i weren’t so tired
Fates Warning, “So”

I feel like this verse pretty much describes my entire college experience. There’s so much stuff that I’ve encountered here in the past four years that have caught my interest and inspired me to action, and yet in the end I feel like I haven’t actually accomplished anything. I’ve spread myself too thin, particularly intellectually, and in the end I can’t focus on any one thing enough to actually achieve something meaningful. Perfect example right now is my senior essay, a paper which is should be something I’m extremely excited about and interested in - and yet I’m just too tired, too busy with other things, too unfocused to really pour all I’ve got into it and make it something I’m proud of in the end.

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