New King Crimson: meh?

And speaking of King Crimson, yesterday their new album, The Power to Believe, was released in the US. I decided I’m enough of a fanboy to go pick it up on the first day, even enough of a fanboy to pay the somewhat absurd $17.98 my local CD store was charging for it. My first impression was not favorable. Sounded like The ConstruKction of Light, only wimpier. Whatever you thought of the pseudo-nu-metal of Happy With What You Have to Be Happy With, this seemed like a step back. I’m giving it my second listen now, and predictably I’m liking it better. I’m still a bit disappointed, though - I was reading some raving reviews and (probably unrealistically) really hoping for something fresher. Ah well, it’s still King Crimson… and I’m still a fanboy.


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