I have a mild affinity for King Crimson

Q. Define ‘fanboy’.

A. One who owns 12 discs of live recordings of one incarnation of King Crimson. Exhibit A: Brandon Wu -

Can I actually tell all these different live performances apart? Uh, some of them. Is this way too much overkill? Uh, probably, but I don’t care. Every recording is worth something to me, and I enjoy every one of them. I’m a fanboy, after all. It was great for me that DGM decided to begin selling Collector’s Club CDs to the general public - I never took the $96 plunge originally, because I was afraid there’d be a lot of material that I wouldn’t be interested in, from the 80’s band for instance (hell, I already have 24 live discs of non-mid-70s Crimson!). I was right, but damn did I miss out on some great releases. The Mainz one in particular is flat-out stunning at times, and the shows with Muir are of course absolutely great to have.

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