I hate ELP because ELP sucks

The new Massive Attack is a little disappointing, at least on first listen. I’m still itching to hear their collaboration with Mos Def.

There’s a pretty fascinating discussion over at ProgressiveEars about how younger prog fans tend to dislike ELP even if they dig the other big-name “classic” prog bands. Obviously, I’m included in this category (although I also have reservations about Genesis and I’m not so big a fan of Jethro Tull, more by lack of experience than anything else). There are some interesting theories about why this is. Sean says the ELP has just aged far less gracefully than the other “classic” prog bands, and presumably aren’t helped on by the subpar lyrics and vocals and Emerson’s “self-important” adaptions of classical themes. The ever-predictable L.Perez thinks it’s just a conspiracy of young, stupid prog fans combined with avant-snobs, and that ELP-bashing is trendy.

In the end, I dislike ELP for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is the fact that while other prog bands tempered their pomposity and, urgh, pretentiousness (I fucking hate using that word in this context), ELP didn’t bother. And so now it just sounds kind of silly. Besides, I really hate keyboards when they’re used Emerson-style, probably because that kind of sound just comes off as absurdly dated.

I’m not entirely happy with this explanation. More power to those listeners that can transcend the datedness of this music. Regardless, I really can’t stand ELP, period end of story.

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