Aw shit: The Dismemberment Plan is calling it quits

I found out yesterday, and it’s reported on (the newly redesigned) Pitchfork today, that The Dismemberment Plan is breaking up. Fuck. It’s a damn good thing I have tickets to their show in NYC in February - it will probably be the last time I get to see them. They’re awesome live. And they’ve already written part of a new album, but those compositions will probably end up on a solo album of Travis Morrison’s. Fuck.

The full news can be found on the band’s website, along with the few remaining tour dates. Fuck.

Something a bit cheerier: I’ve been browsing the access logs for this site, particularly the hits off of search engine keywords. Here are some of my favorites -

  • 7 shittiest fucking website ever
  • 5 nude camel toes
  • 3 what is a good iq
  • 2 does lightning come from ground or the sky
  • 2 alex lifeson overrated
  • 1 men gone wild
  • 1 where can i find some art on bears
  • 1 is it ok to use the word enthused
  • 1 why is it hard to live in japan
  • 1 clitoris land

This tells that five (yes, five) searches for “nude camel toes” were made and hit G&S. What the fuck? And isn’t that an oxymoron anyway? And how exactly did “men gone wild” lead to G&S? Ah, the mysteries of search engines… actually, this says interesting things about the efficacy of different search engines. By far the most hits are from Google, and surprisingly, virtually all of them were quite topical. On the other hand, there were few hits from Ask Jeeves, and a lot of them were laughable (and many of them are listed above). This shouldn’t really be surprising, I suppose.


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