The myth of bad music?

I’ve been reading some of the miscellaneous forums over at head-fi recently - this is a great site if you’re interested in good headphones or good portable CD players. I have a pair of the former (Grados) and am in the market for one of the latter, so I’ve been browsing the posts a lot. But there are also music forums, and it’s interesting to read what these audiophile types listen to. Lots of classical and jazz fans, not surprisingly, but also a bunch of IDM/electronica fans. Interesting.

Anyway, someone posted the poll: “do you think there is any such thing as bad music”? The overwhelming majority has been voting “yes” - 75% or so - but here’s a great comment by someone:

A very strong no from me. The day I ever think there is such a thing as bad or crappy music is the day I need to get a life. I may not agree with somebody else’s music tastes, but I will never point at someone and tell them “that music sucks”. Anybody that does that needs a serious attitude re-adjustment and needs to bring their nose back down to earth a little.

I seriously could care less if you only listen to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 SACD on repeat, or Britney Spears on repeat. As JMT’s sig says, “If it sounds good, it is good.” And that’s all that an individual should care about.



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