Cigarettes & Carrot Juice

Today I got, from, the new Camper Van Beethoven box set, Cigarettes & Carrot Juice. I’d only heard some MP3s of this band before, but I liked what I’d heard and for a 5CD box, this release is pretty damn cheap. So I went ahead and took a gamble. And though I’ve only listened to about half the contents of the box, I gotta say: this stuff is utterly brilliant! I immediately fell in love with the first disc - a reissue of the band’s first album, Telephone Free Landslide Victory. It’s astoundingly creative lo-fi post-punk type stuff, with some Eastern European influenced instrumentals that are just great. I’ll probably be reviewing this stuff in the near future… I’m really enthralled.

I also got the new Opeth, which is also great, and the new Grey Eye Glances, which sucks. To be fair I’ve only listened to half of it once, but it made me bare my fangs.

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