The Beta Band @ The Roxy

Two prog fans I know have now fessed up to liking a Linkin Park song. Well… three, if you count me. Having heard the whole album, though, their whole hip-hop/rock meshing seems rather less creative (and interesting) when they follow the same formula for virtually every song. Oh well.

I saw The Beta Band again in New York last Thursday. It wasn’t as good as the last time they were in the city. Not as much energy, I thought. I do really like how they completely fuck with their songs live, though - some of them have long ass-kicking sections that just don’t exist on the albums. And I’m a sucker for any time they go with multiple percussionists - there’s a section of “The House Song” where they’ve got two drummers, the keyboardist scratching on a turntable, and the bassist snaking his lines through it all, and it’s just awesome.

It is interesting, though, that the extremely contemplative quality of Hot Shots II gets entirely lost in the translation to the live show. The rock elements are turned WAY up… and, in the club last Thursday, The Roxy - a dance club more or less - it almost seemed that with all the percussion, they could have been playing dance or rave music part of the time. Which isn’t necessarily bad, just incredibly different from the studio album.

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