Been downloading some good stuff lately

I’m on an MP3 binge. I’ve been listening to Dream Theater’s new one, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, for a while now - since before it came out - on MP3. I like the first disc a fair amount, but so far the second one just strikes me as alternately (or simulatenously, sometimes) boring and cheesy. Hmm. That’s a real shame, because I thought Scenes From a Memory was their best effort since Awake. Oh well. I blame Jordan Rudess.

Other MP3s I’ve been listening to include Xploding Plastix’s Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents, the first half of which fucking rocks. I don’t know how to categorize this sort of music - I guess it’s vaguely IDMish the way Thievery Corporation is, but more active, faster-paced, with more jazz influence. Maybe it’s acid jazz? I dunno, but I love it. Also, a few from Bardo Pond’s Dilate - which a friend told be to check out. He described it as Mogwai-like with female vox, but I find that somewhat inaccurate - more like a slower My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth, I’d say. Something along the lines of Yo La Tengo’s more droney stuff. I like it.

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