Revisiting my entire music collection

So I’m going through and listening to all my CDs in reverse alphabetical order by title. This is something I tried a couple years ago (though not in reverse order, that was a weird whim this time around), but I never did finish because I kept getting all these new CDs to give my attention to instead. This time around, I’m in a phase where I can’t afford to keep buying new stuff, so it should be a bit easier. I’m being pretty lenient with myself as well… letting myself listen to what I want, but when I finish doing that I move back to the ordered list. I’m in the middle of the W’s now… just finished listening to Wadachi by the Japanese band Compostela.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of the stuff I listen to as I go, but since Wadachi isn’t prog at all, it doesn’t really fit in. But I’d like to say something about it here… this is a fascinating CD, featuring a trio with two instrumentalists who play mostly saxophones, along with a tuba player (tuba-ist?). Apparently their music mixes klezmer influences with Japanese street music, but since I’m not really familiar with Japanese street music I can’t really comment on that. I will say that the klezmer influence is pretty obvious. But there are also some really neat departures from that overall style, including a piece that sounds almost traditionally symphonic before segueing perfectly into a bouncy klezmerish workout. There’s good stuff here… I’m impressed. I wasn’t taken by it when I first got it, but now I quite like it.

Other listening today is a new one that I picked up, a compilation of relatively short Penderecki pieces on EMI Classics that I picked up because it has “De Natura Sonoris” and “Capriccio” (and, of course, “Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima”). The Governor’s School orchestra played “De Natura Sonoris” - just No. 1, I think - this summer, and it fucking blew me away, so it’s about time I got a recording of it. It’s as good as I remembered. Now, there was also a Lutoslawski cello concerto played at that same concert that kicked my ass even more (mostly because of the cellist, Tom Kraines - one of the Governor’s School instructors and a graduate of Julliard) - I’m going to have to go hunt it down as well.

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