Interesting upcoming shows I’m indifferent to

Later this week, Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs are playing right here in good ol’ New Haven, CT… but I don’t really have any desire to see them. I have Night of the Living Dregs and the King Biscuit live album, and both are nice, but obviously not good enough to make me really interested. Besides, I saw the Dregs open for Dream Theater a couple years ago at this very same venue, so I know what I’m missing.

Similarly, King Crimson is playing here and in New York, but oddly enough, I also don’t have much inclination to go see them. Back when things were simpler and I could name a “favorite band”, King Crimson was definitely it - if I’d had the opportunity to see them live three or four years ago, I would have ponied up a hundred dollars to do it. Now I’m balking at the $35-$65 ticket price. The fact that the recent Crimson releases haven’t done much for me are likely a big cause of this. Oh well.

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