New Dismemberment Plan album!

The Pitchfork review of The Dismemberment Plan’s new one, Change, mentions “Time Bomb” as the best song. I have a dilemma. When I read that, I could have sworn that they played “Time Bomb” at the show of theirs I went to earlier this year. For the rest of the day, the only line I could remember the melody to - “I… I am a time bomb” - was running through my head, making me really wish I had the new album (it’s backordered at amazon and the local CD store doesn’t have it, grrr). Well, I was just poking around my computer tonight and I realized that some time ago I downloaded the MP3 of “Time Bomb” that’s available on the band’s website.

So here’s the thing: I can’t figure out anymore if my memory of “Time Bomb” was actually coming from the concert, or whether I’m just completely constructing my memory of having heard it at the concert, and I know the melody and words because of the MP3. This is seriously bothering me. I know, I know, it’s retarded.

Well, at least I have that MP3 so I can learn the melody to more than just one of the lines.

Okay, so that was bothering me so much that I looked around on the Web, and I found that in their tour early in 2001, Dismemberment Plan played “Time Bomb” at virtually every one of their shows. Whew… that makes me feel better. It was sort of scary to think of how convincingly my brain might have just constructed a false memory. In any case, I’ve already listened to the song way too much - it’s awesome.

Ah-ha - so I’m not the only one:

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck there’s some kind of problem with the distributor I think so none of the stores I checked in the Twin Cities got their new Dismemberment Plan CDs on time. Fuck fuck fuck. Why do there have to be release dates? I always get upset when CDs I really really want are not available. Fuck.

That was Josh Kortbein if you were wondering. I laugh, but I also feel his pain.

Does classical music make you smarter, or help you concentrate, or any of that bullshit? I don’t know, but I listened to Ceux du Dehors over and over again a few nights ago while I was working on a midterm, and let me tell ya - I kicked the shit out of that exam. Clearly, neoclassical prog helps you concentrate.


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