Thoughts on The Mirror Conspiracy

Okay, some comments on the Thievery Corporation disc: to me, it feels like a mellow, sometimes loungey kind of trip-hop without the hip-hop. It’s a blend of electronic music and much warmer, more acoustic elements such as soft vocals and hand percussion. I am, of course, utterly uneducated in this kind of music, hence my use of genre names that probably don’t apply. But a lot of the instrumental parts, especially those with symphonic-esque keyboard washes and the like, remind me of Air or instrumental Massive Attack or the like. I like the use of various ethnic instruments, most obviously the sitar, to spice up some of the tracks. So, overall, this is pretty cool stuff, and remains interesting throughout. But I find it hard to get really excited by it: in the end, I’d probably buy it if I found it used somewhere, but I don’t think I’d go out and hunt it down.

For some reason it never occurred to me that Sigur Rós‘ vocals - the high-pitched, androgynous vocals that they are - might turn people off. That’s a shame - I think the vocals are one of the main reasons their music is so beautiful. Oh well.

Transatlantic is coming out with a new double-live album, according to the Spock’s Beard mailing list. What the hell? Those guys did like ten shows total last year, many of them beset by technical difficulties. Their show at NEARfest, frankly, sucked. And this warrants not only a live album, but a double? You know, these guys are in the wrong genre of music to be trying to get on a money train.

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