I can’t really get into Italian prog

I listened to PFM’s Per un Amico last night. I’ve been trying to get into this album for a year or so, and it just isn’t happening. I think that music I like follows one of two criteria: it’s either beautiful and evokes some sort of emotional response (a pretty wide criterion), or it rocks out. Per un Amico, were it to fall into one of those two categories, would certainly fit in the former rather than the latter; but I think that whatever beauty I might find in it is cancelled out by the dated sound of the entire album. You know, the muffled drum sound, the hollow keyboard timbres, that sort of thing - I don’t deal with that very well. Which is probably also why I haven’t really gotten into 1970s Italian symphonic prog much.

I still like, after a fashion, Per un Amico, but it will never be one of my favorites.

Damn: not only did a bunch of grad students at the Yale School of Music play a Steve Reich concert last week, which apparently left no ass unkicked, but Steve Reich himself was in attendance! How the hell do I manage to miss these things?


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