Höyry-Kone was the highlight of my ProgDay

Predictably, I had a good time at ProgDay Sunday (I had a wedding to attend Saturday), though things were mitigated by the extremely irritating fact that I missed Discus, who were one of two reasons I went in the first place. I did manage to see the other reason, Höyry-Kone, who put on one of the most transcendent live shows I’ve ever seen. They were, in short, absolutely breathtaking, with a great, heavy set tempered by scads of onstage humor. I’ll write up a review of what I saw later, but the only other two bands I caught were Tiles and Malibran, neither of whom I was much impressed by.

Also predictably, I blew a goodly chunk of cash in the space of maybe twenty minutes:

So far, I’m most hooked by the Rahmann disc, which reminds me of a less dark and more world-music influenced Shub Niggurath-Univers Zero cross. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both In the Labyrinth and Kopecky, both of which are relatively simple but feature lots of neat influences and hybrid sounds. I suppose it was almost a given that I’d like Kopecky, given the fact that I’m a total sucker for the fretless bass. Anyway, those are actually the only three albums I’ve listened to in-depth, but I’m looking forward to digesting the rest soon.

I’m going to try my damnedest to go see Höyry-Kone again at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday the 17th. It means missing Sunny Day Real Estate here in New Haven, but that’s a more than acceptable tradeoff. Those guys were simply breathtaking.

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