New GYBE! is good stuff

The new album by Godspeed You Black Emperor! hasn’t been out of my player more than a few minutes since I got it on Saturday. I’ve only listened to the first disc so far, but it is really good. More details to come when I write a full review, hopefully soon. Things have been insanely hectic back at school but I hope it’ll all settle down as the semester wears on.

I got an 18″x24″ print made of a digital photo I took of Thinking Plague’s performance at NEARfest, with some text superimposed using Photoshop. It makes a great poster on my wall.

New Haven is rocking these days. Trey Gunn played here last night (missed him), and the Flaming Lips, Sunny Day Real Estate, and De La Soul will all be playing in October. Also Höyry Kone and King Crimson and doubtless many other interesting groups will come awfully close - New York City - within the next couple months.


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