A personal note

In any conventional sense, this doesn’t belong here, but in another sense, it has every right to be here. The death of Robert Kim Winslow, Yale class of 2000, on Saturday the 9th, was such a shocking event that it deserves mention - that is, he deserves memorial - in any way possible. Bobby Winslow was my freshman counselor last year; he was one of the most truly excellent people I’ve ever met. This year he was living in New York City with a cushy job, cushy apartment, and with good friends. He went out for a jog and never came back; reportedly he had a chronic heart condition that suddenly reared its head in a particularly ugly manner, but I’d never heard of such a thing when I knew him.

I was never particularly close to Bobby, but he was such an infectiously cool guy that it’s difficult not to be affected by his passing. This is my feeble attempt to dedicate something in his memory, and although it can’t be enough, it’s something I can do.

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