Themed prog site: Virtuosity

A few days ago in these pages, I expressed a wish for more themed progressive rock sites. Found one: Virtuosity, which covers “spiritually inspired progressive rock bands”. Not a concept I’m all that interested in, nor a particularly great site, but still, it’s there.

I will have to update my favorites list soon. I’ll probably make it a top 25 list now - there are just too many great albums out there. I don’t know whether both Moonsongs and In This Life by Thinking Plague should go on there - both are great, and I can’t decide which I like better, so they probably will. I’ll probably also add DFA’s Duty Free Area, and also Shub Niggurath’s Les Morts Vont Vite, though that one is already mentioned. And maybe U Totem’s self-titled? Man, like I said, just too many great albums out there. has a nice progressive rock site. I suspect most readers of this site won’t learn much from it, but it’s a good way to spend a bit of spare time.

Interesting how, no matter how academic the music I listen to, it always ties into emotion somehow. I was listening to “Discipline” the other day - the song, which in my opinion is as academic, mathematical, and nerdy as it gets - and it brought back a flood of emotions and memories of the first time I heard it. Which was, oddly enough, on a trip to Europe with my high school history class. I picked up The Compact King Crimson, my first KC acquisition, in a record store in Athens, and was immediately hooked. In retrospect, that one is a less than worthy compilation, but it served its purpose well.

I don’t know this white boy. Really.


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