A site dedicated to female vocalists

A page dedicated to female vocalists, mostly Celtic and progressive. Dedicated to their images as well as their sounds, it seems (this might explain the lack of Loreena McKennitt info…). This page seems to have been tailored by and for drooling Mariela Gonzalez, er, I mean Nexus fans.

I think those guys need a RIO contributor. Emily Hay, Deborah Perry, Susanne Lewis… clearly some of the best female vocalists around, though certainly rather unconventional. And how about Stella Vander?

Despite my misgivings I spent an enjoyable half-hour at the above site, and I wish there were more like it: sites that approach prog, or some other genre of music I like, with a specific mindset. For instance, a site that surveyed progressive rock from a political standpoint would be fascinating to me. It might be something as simple as a site that reviewed prog albums from a bass player’s standpoint. Why aren’t there more of these types of resources?

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