Here we go…

Taking a page out of Bob Eichler’s book, I’ve decided to listen to all my albums in order, alphabetically by title. I also hope to review each prog-related one as I go through them, but I don’t know if I’ll do all of them (I hope to, but we’ll see). Unlike Bob, I’m only listening to my CDs, not my parents’ or my brother’s. :) This being about 450-500 albums, I imagine it’ll take me a few months, as I plan on allowing myself to listen to new purchases and such in the middle. So, to start with, I’ve got these with me today at work (I started with Magma’s 1001º Centigrades last night):

Discus and Höyry Kone at ProgDay 2000! Damn! If only I could get out of school for that weekend, fly down Saturday, see the Sunday show, and fly back late Sunday. That’d be perfect, but alas… funds are a problem. Mostly because I’ll be flying my girlfriend (who is in a perfect location to see ProgDay, since she goes to Duke University in Durham, NC) up to see me the following weekend. Oh well, life is a series of tradeoffs… :)

Just received a copy of the latest issue of Big Bang, a French prog magazine. They used my photos from NEARfest in their review of the festival. Came out pretty well, though I can’t read the article since the whole zine is in French. Looks like a pretty good publication to me, actually. (Much better than its website, anyway.)

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