A night of techno

Last night for a friend’s birthday I allowed myself to be taken to the N Club in nearby Greensboro, NC. Some interesting beats mixed in with mostly lame beats made up the music. They played nothing but techno. I don’t think I heard a single melody of any sort all night. Which is fine, given what the music was there for, but I just don’t understand how people can grind to that all night. Dance clubs that play R&B and rap mixed in with the pure drum-n-bass stuff are somewhat more comprehensible, but the concept of dancing to very slightly different beats for five hours is beyond me. The three hours we spent there was way more than enough for me anyway.

Keith Jarrett is da man.

Josh Kortbein recently recommended to me Emergency & I by Dismemberment Plan, saying that since I like Sunny Day Real Estate I might like it. “They also boast all sorts of prog-happy things like polyrhythms, genre blending (very faint, so these labels are inappropriate, but: hip-hop, drum n bass, disco - mostly in the rhythm section, who are amazing), on-a-dime musical turns.” Oh, and he also says this rather amusing bit in today’s entry in josh blog:

Also, I found my high school diploma. How useless is that? My kitchen table’s been wobbling a little, though, so maybe… hmmm… or, I can just wait to get my MS and then use all four to elevate the table, to make it easier to sit at while I work on my next degree.


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