rmp: where the people who know shit hang out

I’m somewhat bewildered by all the rec.music.progressive bashing that goes on in various mailing lists I’ve only now joined or started paying attention to (I’ve been subscribing to e-prog for a looong time, for example, but not until recently have I had time to actually read any of it). That newsgroup was the first source of prog information I found on the net. Luckily I was wise enough to keep my mouth shut and lurk for a long time (years, actually) before ever posting anything, so I was never in any danger of getting flamed for being a clueless newbie saying all the wrong things (like, “Dude Pink Floyd is the best band in the world are there any other bands that sound anything like them cuz they ROOL!”).

I agree with those that say that rmp is sometimes awfully hard on said clueless newbies, but frankly, I believe that the regulars of that group are the most informed prog listeners in the world. It’s still my number one source of info.


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