Art rock vs. prog rock, and more

Man… who makes this shit up? (From the art-rock/prog-rock “music style” summary at the All-Music Guide)

The difference between art rock and prog rock is slight, but important. Art rock bands tend to draw more heavily on classical influences and show a tendency toward medieval and mystical lyrical imagery. Prog rockers do have some classical elements to their music, but they also have more of an overt jazz and psychedelic influences — and have a greater tendency to improvise.

Interesting tidbit from Jan Erik Liljestrom of Anekdoten, from an interview on their web page:

In 1993 we were surprised that so many of the reviewers of our first album thought we were Crimson-clones. I had been more worried that they would spot the references to Peter Hammill, Van der Graaf Generator and TrettioĆ„riga Kriget. “Nucleus” probably turned more extreme because we wanted to show that we had other influences as well.

Surprisingly, I think this is pretty funny. Also from NME, this little quote from rapper Eminem, offered without comment:

“Boy/girl bands - little watered down pop groups, made bands, somebody sticks ‘em together and makes something that’s artificial, that’s fuckin’ phoney. You can only rhyme fuckin’ ‘fire’ and ‘desire’ and ‘heart’ and ‘fall apart’ so many times an’ I’m sick of seein’ it, sick of hearin’ it, and if I lose my fans ‘cos they find out Eminem doesn’t like N Sync, I don’t give a fuck. Fuck N Sync, fuck Backstreet Boys, fuck Britney Spears, fuck Christine Aquilera [sic], fuck all that bullshit, that shit is trash to me, fuckin’ no talent.”

Final couple of article links: The Wire bashes Zappa and interviews Magma (both are from 1995; the latter is by Paul Stump).

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